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The Go Kart...

The Go Kart is an electric kart designed for the operator who needs a vehicle for the youngest age range.  Simple to drive and extremely secure the Go Kart is always a hit
children aged 4-12 years.

The Go Kart comes in two different styles, the ever popular 'Ranger style' with rugged all terrain appearance, and the 'Go-kart style' with racing styling.  

With good ground clearance and the ability to be operated on various surfaces and within both permanent and non permanent track barrier systems (Inflatable barriers and non fixed modular barriers) the Go Kart provides an ideal small operation that is both simple to manage and also quick and easy to transport.

      ranger go kart The 'Ranger style' has a fold down roll cage for ease of transportation.

CHASSIS   Jig built 1"x14g ERW steel tube space-frame chassis.

WHEELS & TYRES   Nylon wheels supporting treaded tyres.

CONTROLS   Both models operate with single pedal, speed limited accelerator and  automatic brake system when pedal is released.

BUMPERS   Rubber mounted heavy duty wraparound polycarbonate bumpers.

BODY   Reinforced glass fibre bodywork.

SEAT   Length adjustable for maximum adaptability fitted with a safety belt system.

FIXINGS   All fully fitted with nyloc nuts and bolts.

MOTOR   Energy efficient 24V electric motor.

BATTERIES   24V sealed gel battery and charger.


Ranger: Length = 1400mm, Width = 980mm, Height = 990mm (640mm folded)

Go-Kart: Length = 1400mm, Width = 980mm, Height = 500mm.

All karts come with colour co-ordinated graphics