You provide the power
and space needed,
we provide the profit 



If you have a retail or leisure outlet where
there are children and you have a
space of:  ie. 6 metres x 4 metres, or more
then you can provide an added attraction
by offering coin-operated vehicles
on a track. 



These tracks are not only robust, colourful
and entertaining to children and
parents alike, but will help keep
youngsters amused.


Space needed can vary depending
on how many vehicles and
type of vehicles you would
prefer on a
ie: 6 metres x 4 metres =2 compact quads,
6 metres x 12 metres.

  It would be a revenue share contract
on a 50/50 gross turnover share
basis, this is ideal for those
who do not want to
own the
equipment at this present time

 compact quad
Vehicles and colours can vary. 

 rascal go kart


 jeep mini car

 cabrio mini car
 mini quad
 formula 1 mini car

 torro go kart
 mini tractor


 fun track retail outlet racing track leisure outlet
 coin op 24v battery vehicles coin operated go kart track

Example of track surfaces
ie. concrete - floor painted

 Example of tracks
ie. indoor or outdoor 

 play centre quad track revenue share track rides
 soft play centre kart track play barn


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